Island Life

It seems like quite a while since I put anything up here and so I break the silence with a disappointingly blank post… too greyand dreary for nice photos at the moment!

The last two weeks have been plagued with on and off northerly winds that play havoc with the boat services here so we haven’t had too many visitors.  Thought that would mean a break from work but has meant I’ve been taking on the odd jobs like rodding drains, fixing rooves and improving visitor information.  Oh what a glamorous life I lead…  but enough of that.  Looks like the winds are changing in a day or two and the sun will make an appearance so I’ll get my camera out and capture some nice images.  The Puffins are seemingly here to stay but will probably vanish for a day or two yet, the cliffs are mostly full but again the weather can scare the auks off for a few days at a time and the Manxies are increasing in numbers- but they’re only out at night.  Maybe those pictures will be trickier than I thought!

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