Gorse Berries

Today I saw a good bunch of Gorse berries, bit early in the year I thought…



But then I looked again, ‘course they’re not berries (Gorse has pods of pea-like seeds that pop open and fling their contents for metres around) but the red blobs did catch the eye.  They are in fact a small cluster of seven spot Ladybirds that are gathered together for warmth in the chilly night times.  They do this to over winter but this group were probably just hunkering down for the night after being tempted out in the warm days we’ve had recently.

In other news, the mists still engulf Skomer from time to time but with the brisk winds at present dispersing them I am getting some nice sunny days away from the mainland.  We were due to get our first troop of volunteers today but the swell on the sea stopped the boats, try again tomorrow…  And after that its just one short week until we receive our first paying guests, both daytrippers and overnight guests.  Some time before then I actually start getting paid, I hope…

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