Hello…. anyone still there?

Well its been another huge gap since my last post but with very good reason, I’ve got a job!  Spent the last couple of weeks waiting then being interviewed and then some more waiting and then sorting lots of things for my new adventure…

…and it is an adventure as I’m heading off to the Pembrokeshire Island of Skomer for about six months! So no TV, limited water and electricity but a load of cool seabirds living metres from my door :D  My new camera is going to be worked hard this summer.

If you don’t know about the island then I highly recommend finding out about it and, if you can, going for a visit- they do day trips and have some rooms for overnight stays to get the most out of the island.  So go see their website, read the blog or just google it and discover the comedy and beauty of Puffins!

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  1. Well done that man! Let’s hope you get time to blog from that lovely island, whilst doing the day job. I too, hope to be joining the working classes soon.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell


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