allo allo allo

So I got my first actual lens recently, til now I’d been borrowing from some generous friends!

The picture up top was one of the first to be taken with my shiny new Tamron macro, well I say shiny new but it was really an ebay purchase so a bit of a bargain :)  So this post is about my first experience with my Tamron 90mm Macro.

And ever since it arrived I have been slightly obsessed with all things tiny so here are a selection of some of my first shots:

The best thing about a dedicated macro is the control of focus, its so much easier to dictate how much and which bit of a photo should be in focus.  And the bits that aren’t can be a little bit blurred or completely fuzzed out, all with a lot of control thanks to a huge focal and aperture range on the lens.  Up til now I’ve only used the macro mode on my compact camera and the difference is huge, glad I splashed out on this new toy!

Macro is a bit of a vague word really, it just means big… but in photography its a bit stricter and refers to the reproduction of images at 1:1 scale so the image on the camera’s sensor is the same size or bigger than the real thing.  And when it gets blown up on the screen it’s a hell of a lot bigger.  The sensor on my Canon 550D is 22.5mm wide and when I took a similar shot to the ruler above it got to a shade over 22mm so proved 1:1 reproduction, which was nice.

This last photo is a close up of some Redshank plumage, don’t ask how I got so close- the bird wasn’t in the prime of life to say the least…  But this photo does show what detail is to be found all around us, and normally in natural objects.  Whether it be fruit, leaves, fur, eyes, ears or water there is always plenty of detail in the natural world that is just to small for us to see normally.  Unfortunately this isn’t always true for man made objects, and taking a macro lens to look at plasticky items around the house is pretty disappointing, whereas nature gets more beautiful and interesting the objects of man tend to get uglier and boring (some nice exceptions to this rule of course and I’m on the hunt already!).

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