New Kit!

Well it’s slightly old news for me, but a few weeks ago I splashed out and bought my first “proper” camera.  I got my first dSLR, a Canon 550D, and have spent the time since relearning a lot of my skills for taking pictures.

So first off I’ve got to say that you don’t need an SLR to take good photos, I’ve got a bit besotted with my new camera but even so I’m keeping my old Lumix and plan to use it a hell of a lot more still.  Saying that there are some things that are undoubtedly done better on an SLR…. it’s a tricky one but I think if you want a small camera that does almost everything pretty well then a compact is still fine.  It’s only when you want to do a specific type of photography to a really high standard that an SLR starts to shine, the ability to swap to a specialist lens combined with a much higher quality sensor and processor inside allows some truly stunning results.

So now that caveat is done with, was it worth going over to the expensive world of SLRs and their pricey lenses?

Well…. yes, for me.  I bought a new mid range Canon, body only, and relied on the generosity of a few friends that also have Canons who leant me a couple of lenses to play with.  This has meant that I have been able to get to grips with the quirks of my new camera, all the new buttons and features, before having to decide on which lens to invest in.  And having used a pretty high quality short zoom alongside a much lower quality long telephoto it was pretty clear that quality means everything (you can crop a lot more on a high resolution sensor so getting a crisp image is more important than getting your blurry subject to fill the viewfinder).  This led me to recently get a prime, or fixed, lens which has no zoom but provides a much better quality of image.  I also chose one that was a macro lens but more about that in a post which is soon to be written…

Until then, I hope no-one else is as bored of the snow as me.  Here it stopped being pretty and got annoying pretty quickly.  Bring on spring!

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