So whilst it was all white and fluffy outside I went to see what wildlife was braving the cold.  It turned out not much…
But when I got to the shoreline I did find a few waders combing the strandline for food and several beautiful Turnstones were picking up a spot of breakfast.
...it turns stones...
…it turns stones…

These little birds are always found along the edge of the waters, picking through the mud and stones to see what’s been left behind to nibble on.  They are also normally pretty bold, knowing they can fly out over the water to avoid any predators if necessary, so can be approached to within a few metres.  This one got even closer as I was standing still in some pretty thick fog and it walked right up to me.

Anyway, not much to say about these birds, they turn stones looking for food and so get their imaginative name.  They stick around for most of the year looking pretty much the same, not too shabby but not too fancy.  They are the steady goers of the bird world, so not overly impressive but I still like the little fellas- if only for the fact they stick it out in the cold with us instead of flying off to warmer shores like those cissy migrants.
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  1. Oh dear Lewisy, how dare you say that there is not much to say about these birds.

    Mind you, living on a nature reserve (I forget which one?) must make it all rather mundane for you, I would imagine.

    Prepare yourself for a cold ole February I would say and with that being the case, who knows what might turn up.

    Kind Regards from a snowless Newbury, Berkshire.

    Tony Powell


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