Well I just wouldn’t be a true Brit if I didn’t go over the top and devote some time to the snow…. would I?

... and fog too!

So I went out for a little wander today and for the first time really appreciated snow blindness.  Down in Sussex we got a pretty heavy dusting of snow and a big bank of fog rolled in this morning too, so when the sun started to hit it got unbearably white!  I don’t mind the cold but not being able to see properly made it a tad uncomfortable out today, a bit hard to see where you’re going too…

It looked the same behind me too...

But the best thing about living on a bird reserve is that if it all gets a bit too much, there are some snug little bird watching hides dotted around the place to take a break in.  Not exactly toasty but warmer than out in the wind.

So not much wildlife today, but still got some nice shots even if they were just of the snow.  Here’s one more to finish off this post and I’m keeping my fingers crossed its just a little bit warmer next week!



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