….it’s pretty darn cool…

Great Tit in flight



So I was playing around with my camera in the back garden again today and thought I’d go for a challenge.  Not a boring, common garden bird sitting on a log but an amazing flying spectacle at high speed.  These are some of my first successful attempts so aren’t quite right (focus a bit off and some lit strangely…) but I’m pretty pleased with the results so far.  Especially this blurry little Blue Tit because they are the flightiest, quickest little birds going and are nearly impossible to photograph in any conditions, let alone mid flight!  It also looks pretty cool with his wings all tucked in, “falling with style” as Mr. Lightyear would say.

Blue Tit coming in to land


This second Great Tit came in a bit low so my set up cut off his tail, but I’m still pretty pleased with it.  All these photos were taken with an exposure of less than 1000th of a second to freeze the action, any less than that and the wings turn into a milky haze.  Even in the first shot up top this wasn’t enough so my next attempt will be in strong sunlight and going for a 1500th of a second.  I set up my camera pretty close to our bird feeder so there was plenty of action, and using my newly aquired radio remote meant I could sit inside with a cup of tea by the window to catch the action!

Great Tit number two


For some reason the Sparrows were scaredy cats for this project, I had to move the feeder a bit and I think this put them off so the best I could do was this little flitter in the shadows (a bit soft on the focus but still not too bad for a first attempt i think).

Shadowy Sparrow

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