I wrote recently about the little Treecreeper which has amazing camouflage patterns on its back, this time its a bird that is well camouflaged from any direction- the Snipe!

Did you see that one on the far right?
See how many you can spot…. you missed at least one!

So Snipe are found in a variety of places, they move around quite a lot but are usually found near wet ground and water edges where they probe the ground with their long beaks to find food.  When not feeding they spend a lot of time roosting, finding a quiet spot and resting in safety due to their amazing ability to blend into the background.  If they sense something approaching a Snipe will simply stop moving and blend into the vegetation, and will only move again when they have no other choice.  When a predator, or person, gets too close the birds will take flight in an instant and fly away low to the ground with a loud flurry of wingbeats and single call.  This can be pretty disconcerting if you’re not expecting it, I’ve flushed Snipe on numerous occasions whilst sneaking up on other subjects and the sudden movement and sound gets your heart going I can tell you!

In this picture I don’t actually know how many birds there are.  For starters I’m only counting Snipe and ignoring the ducks around them but even so there are well over ten.  In real life I was going on for 15 to 20 Snipe but I’m not sure if they are all in frame here or if some hid behind that plant! See how many you can get, I wonder what consensus would be if you all left your answers in the comments box?

Anyways, hope you like the pic. I’m off to get some more but the sun seems to be behind the clouds once more… might be a while until another good one, watch this space!

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