The sun was out today and it felt pretty spring-like, I even got a half decent picture of a honey bee collecting pollen from a Gorse bush.  But the thing that really caught my eye was this fellow, an aptly named Treecreeper that was bold, or stupid, enough to let me take a dozen photos at close range.

These little birds are usually pretty hard to spot, let alone get up close to.  The bright sunshine today helped me a little I think as I could hide in the glare and blend in with the trees, either that or it was just a dimwitted bird…

Anyway, these creeping birds spend almost all of their time on the trunks of trees, running round picking off little bugs to eat.  They have really long, curved claws (for their size) to hold on with and a stiff tail which they push up against the tree to keep nice and balanced.  They use these to stay pressed right up against the bark, and with their really well camouflaged dorsal plumage they can be a real tricky species to spot.  Luckily their belly is a lot brighter so if you catch one side on it can stand out quite boldly.

ps. I think these birds look pretty cool with their curved beak and claws and would make an excellent Dou-Dou Bird!

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