Getting Paid….

Well its that time of year again, it’s a new year and there are new jobs up for grabs!

Starting out in conservation and ecology stuff is pretty tough, especially these days when any old job is hard enough to get (I just went to see a man about being a bike mechanic for two days a week and got a lecture about how I need to make my CV stand out… no actual questions on whether I could fix a bike).  Its extra tough because all of the low down jobs in this industry are seasonal, so even if you get one its only for a few months…

But it’s not all bad, because I quite like going to new places and learning new things- and you could end up learning how to monitor fluffy little birds on a sunny island all summer!  So instead of sticking to one place and being scared of giving up your job to move around and get some experience, you end up doing half a dozen different jobs.  Which is ok if you don’t mind restarting every year, and I definitely don’t as the reward for the up heaval seems to be interest.  Plenty of my school friends seem to have already settled into their lives, and apart from a small fear of actually growing up it just seems boring.  I’d rather be a bit hard up on cash but have a wealth of stories, memories and skills rather than comfortable with my mortgage in ten years time.

So it’s a mixed bag, but it only ever gets better as you gain experience, contacts, skills and knowledge.  I just hope that I’m lucky this year and end up somewhere nice (and that I’ll get paid!).


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