So it’s the new year and I’ve realised that once again I’ve gone quite a while without putting anything up here…

well to make up for it here is one of my latest test shots with my new camera!  I’ll save the gushing review of my new kit for another time but safe to say I am quite happy with my new dSLR (a Canon 550d for anyone who cares).

This photo was taken with my new camera and a shiny little piece of kit which cost about a fiver, a cheap radio remote trigger.  You may have noticed the bird seed around the birds feet which kind of gives away the fact the bird was baited in.  I left the food there and set up my camera on a tripod with the remote trigger and went and hid inside.  From the warmth of a double glazed window I could simply press a button every time a bird stopped by and here is the result!

I have to admit that its not quite as fun as having the camera in your hand but the results speak for themselves.  This photo has hardly been cropped and the detail you can get at close range is phenomenol.  The set up requires some thought into aperture and shutter speed to ensure you get the bird in focus and un-blurred whilst the background is nice and soft.  And next time I might try and hide the seed a bit more so it doesn’t ruin the effect…

Another picture I got was of a Reed Bunting with a metal ring on its leg from the BTO, and I could read the numbers off as easy as if it were in my hand.  So although I am a firm believer that the photographer makes the shot, sometimes a new little toy and a bit of lateral thinking can pay off.

Until next time…

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  1. I do like that picture, it’s almost as if the Dunnock is posing and saying “is this position ok?”. As for the ringed bird, if you still have the number to hand, you could report it to certain authorities. I never have, but I understand Euring are probably where you would start, besides the BTO. Their address is as follows – http://www.euring.org/

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell


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