Getting that photo

I’ve been focussing quite a lot on the subjects of some of my photographs recently so thought I’d write a bit more about getting the shots and why I do it.

Firstly, even if no-one had ever invented these strange little boxes called cameras I would probably go out and do exactly the same thing as I do now- go out and about to see British wildlife.  I love getting close to wild things, whether they be stoats, ducks, peregrine falcons, snails or even a bit of humble ol’  moss!  And even before getting to something special, getting out and about in the fresh air is half the fun.

But once out and about, how to go about getting close to my subject…. and which subject to get close to?  Well I’m lucky, I live within a nature reserve and I’m not too fussy most of the time so can just go for a wander with my camera and see what comes my way.  But for something specific I have to prepare a little bit, with a few simple steps:

1. learn about the subject

2. check all my kit is clean, charged and not set to a stupid setting (… I do this quite a lot :(….)

3. dress for the occasion


And unfortunately the first step is by far the longest, I like learning about the life histories of wildlife so do it naturally but to start from scratch with an awkward subject can take weeks, months or even years of preparations before you even look at your camera.  Luckily this can be in the form of books, the internet, documentaries and talking to knowledgeable people.  And with programmes like frozen planet or life in the undergrowth being pumped out by the BBC this becomes less of a chore.  So this winter I’m off to do some research… hand me the remote!

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  1. I do like the sound of that last comment. I am of the opinion that I am not necessarily a Tele addict but I do try to keep up my knowledge, just as you do, by watching those wonderful natural history documentaries. With the help of DigiGuide, that is something that can be achieved much more easily, than in the past.

    Happy Christmas and Best Wishes

    Tony Powell


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