Right… I have to admit  got a little bit distracted this month so first post in a while.

The first distraction was the arrival of some lovely cards from Moo.com.  These guys take any of your old snaps and turn them into brilliant quality greetings cards, business cards or even stickers.  I got a whole batch done with some of my naturey pictures and have been slowly flogging them to friends, family and passers by.

The second distraction was the arrival of my first large print, done by canvas4life at a pretty good price… although their chosen courier is a little bit slow… But after a couple of weeks waiting and nagging them I got a nice large print on canvas that is now hanging on my living room wall.  Again I was going to try and sell this in the christmas rush but it came a bit late and I’m now travelling round the country too much to sort it out!  But if you like big images without the faff and traditional look of a mount and frame, canvasses are the way forward in my mind.  You still get loads of fine detail with nothing to distract from the image and its not even that expensive any more.

So now my distractions are over I should be back to writing more regular posts about irregular things…. talk to you soon!

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