So a bit of a break from the nature photos, but I got a nice delivery today.  I had ordered some cards from and they arrived this morning, in a rather uninspiring brown cardboard box.  But inside all my cards were beautifully printed and nicely packaged with envelopes and everything provided.

I’m only this excited bout things like envelopes because I am trying to make a bit of money from my photos and looking at my cards I think I might actually manage it.  Down here in the South East the unemployment is getting a bit silly and I tend to take seasonal jobs so the winter is a time when I go home to the ‘rentals and take any work I can.  My plan now is to develop a little bit of a photography business to see me through the winter months – selling images I take during my summer adventures!

So you might get some updates like these over the following weeks, hope you find them useful/interesting/not too annoying.  In the mean time if you are interested go take a look at or even take a peep at my own company website in the making… YatesPhotographic

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