Razorbill on Skokholm


Slightly late on my posting this week, had an impromptu job interview that distracted me slightly…

Anyway, continuing the sea birds of Western Britain theme I’ve picked Razorbills.  Another bird that was around in their hundreds and thousands during my stay out on Skokholm, and yet another strikingly beautiful bird.  The stark monochrome plumage combined with the bold streaks on the beak make this an unmistakable species at short range.  Their habit of perching on cliffs makes them easy to spot too, they rely on being inaccessible so don’t even attempt camouflage as my shot shows.

This photo was taken on my trusty Lumix on one of the many idyllic sunny days out on the island.  (If I haven’t already I strongly suggest you go out and take a visit!)  And in other news I recently took delivery of a shiny new Canon 550D, my very first SLR, and I’m quite excited by it so there will probably be a post/review on it in the near future…

Oh and a bit more about the bird.  A lot of you probably saw Frozen Planet last week which featured some Guillemot fledging which have a similar life history to Razorbills.  These chicks leave the cliffs before they are fully grown and take the jump off the edge before they can even fly!  Instead they glide as far as they can and hopefully make a splash landing in the sea, but a lot of the time they don’t quite reach it and bounce off a few rocks before getting there.  Tough little birdies though, they hardly ever break anything as they are so light and retain some flexibility due to still being in the process of growing up.

So enough trivia, hope you like the pic and talk to you soon!

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