Peeking Puffin


Well I haven’t been anywhere in the last few days to get any exciting pictures…  the greyness of gloomy winter days seems to be engulfing the South East to my dismay.  So I thought I would hark back to my summer months spent on Skokholm Island in Pembrokeshire, where funnily enough there was a Puffin or two!

For those of you who don’t know me personally and haven’t heard all my Skokholm stories, I spent three months this summer volunteering for the South and West Wales Wildlife Trust and got to spend a lot of time out with my camera looking for tolerant birds to shoot.  The Puffins were the obvious starting point as they are incredibly tolerant of approaching land mammals such as a photographer.  This is evolution for you as they live on islands where there are none and haven’t learnt to run/fly away.  Most people would view this as just plain stupid but it seems to have worked for them so far so can’t be too bad a plan, must save a lot of energy compared to running round and worrying about people all day I suppose.

Anyway, these pictures were some of the first I got on Skokholm that I was happy with so I thought they would be the first I share properly.  Upcoming posts will cover some of the less cooperative birds that live on the Island.  And if you want to know more about the SWWWT or Skokholm go look at their websites.  Skokholm is seasonal so has shut down for winter but will open up again in the spring.

Posing Puffin


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  1. Maryann

     /  April 11, 2012

    Wonderful photos. Were the puffin photos taken in June? When do they leave to go back to sea? Thanks much.

  2. These photos were in July 2011, getting to the end of season but the Puffins were pretty friendly by then. They’re still a bit nervy this year so far…. but getting bolder by the day, not long til they’ll be attacking my shoelaces again :) Puffins generally settle on land in April and head back out to sea in July/August but the dates vary slightly each year so hard to predict exactly! cheers for reading!


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