Shots in the Dark

Beach at Night

Rye Harbour Beach by Moonlight

In my post about Carnglaze Caverns I mentioned doing some long exposures to get some usable pictures in the dark.  Last night I got some more shots in the dark during a night time stroll to the beach.  I was going to try a technique I’d heard about called light painting but I failed dismally at that so tried some simpler long exposure landscapes in the suprisingly bright moonlight.

Light painting is a cool method for making your foreground jump out of night time shots by using a relatively long exposure and lighting up important items with a torch or flash gun.  Unfortunately I massively underestimated the strength of light needed and my small LED torch (OK – Clare’s quite bright torch that I’ve borrowed and run down the batteries…).  So instead of standout foregrounds I got completely featureless silhouettes with slightly interesting skies.

So… I decided there was enough light without any aids and used my “starry skies” scene mode on my Lumix.  This sets a huge focal range and allows 60 second exposures, more than long enough for a full moon and patchy cloud cover.  The down side is each shot is followed by 60 seconds of processing time but the results are pretty good, I hope you agree!

Mary Stanford Lifeboat House

Mary Stanford Lifeboat House by Moonlight

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  1. eerie but beautiful shots :)

  2. I think these are beautiful, especially the first one. The long exposure made the water just lovely.

    • Thanks Katie and Marina, was a bit of a fluke really but I like it!

      and Katie, I liked the photo of a fly on the flower on your blog too, I’m trying to do a lot more macro work myself.


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