Carnglaze Caverns

Whilst visiting Clare we went on a few little trips, like Lydford Gorge that I talked about last post. This time I’m talking about a place called Carnglaze Caverns, a set of man made caves created whilst mining for slate around the Liskeard area.  These caves are now open to the public, complete with bar! Go look at their website if you don’t mind a ton of wedding adverts…

The caverns themselves are a mixed bag, with three main sections, all a bit smaller than I was expecting and lit with long lines of fairly unaesthetic industrial lights.  The main attraction is the lower portion which is flooded, making a mirror flat lagoon in the darkness.  And it was quite dark down there, especially with the lights robbing you of your night vision!  But it did make a great opportunity to play with some long exposures.  All my shots in the caverns were of exposures of at least 5 seconds and the photo shown was taken at 10 seconds.  This gave the great ghostly effect of Clare and I walking into shot and we were able to stand just still enough to be Sharp in our final positions.  All possible due to the shutter priority mode on my trusty Linux bridge camera.  But look at the difference the clothes make, my dark trousers hardly reflect enough light to show up even after 10th seconds.  Whereas Clare’s much lighter jeans are almost too bright in this shop, next time we’ll have to coordinate our clothes for artistic effect…

Ps. What’s the difference between a cave and a cavern…?


Clare and I in Carnglaze Caverns

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  1. Hi Lewis,

    You asked “What’s the difference between a cave and a cavern…?”

    Well, according to a brief Google search. Caves are natural underground voids, which allow sufficient space for a human to enter. Caverns are large caves that can stretch for miles upon end. Well there you go, we’ve both learned something.

    Never been into caves from memory but one day I do intend to visit a land based version in the form of Cheddar Gorge.


    Tony Powell

    • Thanks for that Tony,

      well it looks like Carnglaze are stuck somewhere in between, they certainly don’t go on for miles but stretch far above your head… and they’re not really natural either. I doubt trading standards will be too bothered bout misrepresentation though!


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