Winter at last

Well it took its time but I think summer might have actually gone now, I’m almost completely sure…

This could be a whole dialogue about media hype and global warming being too hard to understand for people that try to talk publicly about it but I was just happy it was warm! Although I live on a bird reserve and have volunteered on several bird reserves and am even training to be a bird ringer… I think they are overrated. I think they are amazing, graceful and some are fascinating in their life histories but at the end of the day a bird is a bird is a bird. Take an eagle and compare it to an ostrich and you end up with the same body plan, biochemistry and quite a lot of similar behaviour.  Take an invertebrate on the other hand and you never know what you might find.

So with the last few days of the nice weather I ditched my binoculars and went to sit in the grass with my camera.  These are just a few of the beasties I found out in the grass.




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